Late 2011 early 2012 we came up with a simple idea for a traditional style, hand made feeling packaging.



As we expanded our network, the needs changed,

so we decide to present our products in a more suitable package.

The "Kraft series" was on the shelfs in early 2013.

It is made out of kraft paper certified for food usage,

it was able to stand straight on the comercial shelf and on the customers kichen cupboard,

it has a (re)open-(re)close brass pin, preserving the aroma and the taste

and finally it provides a front visual window for the actual product.



We always searching for new solutions and ideas to the new needs and tasks

that arise due to our expansion and our vision for the best.

We are planning to introduce a new "Collection Series" in late November 2013


and a single jar-Silver series- later on February 2014.



Mid February 2014 we launced  a new set of Herbal Teas, The "Cube" series