Herb with very intense scent. Traditionally beverage from lavender blossoms has been used for reducing stress and hypertension. It is considered to have calming properties and therefore can be used in cases of sleeplessness, melancholy and mild depression.

Herbalists consider lavender to be suitable for curing migraines. Due to its antibacterial and antiseptic effects it can be used for curing small wounds, cuts and skin irritations. It is also used in cases of respiratory infections such as cough, asthma, and bronchitis.

Ingredients: Organic Lavender blossoms.

Directions: For herbal tea. Add one teaspoon of herb per cup of hot water and steep covered, for 4-5 minutes. Strain and enjoy hot or iced, plain or add sweetener to taste.

In cooking it gives aroma and taste to sauces, salads, ice creams and cocktails.



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