Thyme – 20-envelope pack

A 20-envelope pack of organic Greek thyme. Each envelope contains 5 gr of organic thyme leaves and blossoms. The envelopes are decorated with a “herbal idol head”, inspired by the Cycladic aesthetic of marble idols found in Cyclades ca 5000 years ago. All 20 envelopes are packed beautifully in an earthy, eco-friendly, kraft packaging.

By this innovative packaging, Thyme preserves exceptional freshness and retains both its flavor and nutrients. Ideal for food lovers, either as a great, unique, inexpensive, gift for friends, colleagues and family members or for your own experiments and creativity in the kitchen.
Thyme paired well with grilled fish, meat, soups, rise, poultry, sauces and cheese. It can also be used on vegetables, salads and pasta, in marinades and to flavor oil.



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