Christmas herbal tea collection

A 4-pack gift set of 4 exquisite, certified organic herbal tisanes with organic fruit zest, perfectly themed for Christmas holidays: 1. Nostalgia, 2. Fantasia, 3. Utopia, 4. Ambrosia

Ancient Greeks believed herbs had magical powers, due to their ability to cure combining different elements wisely. Christmas offer a great opportunity to revisit the “art of living” inspired by the Greek culture and enjoy basic principles and simple pleasures.

Choose among our 4 herbal tisanes linked to Christmas spirit and enjoy the unique sense of proportion and equilibrium pinpointing the relaxing and empowering properties of Nostalgia (Lavender/Hyssop), Fantasia (Sage/Rosemary/orange zest), Utopia (Pennyroyal/Marigold/mandarin zest), Ambrosia (Hyssop/St’ John’s Wort/orange zest).

Through the unique flavor and aroma, Nostalgia takes you on a journey to the past to bring back Utopia, a state of things in which everything is perfect, Fantasia leads you to your dreams and desires and Ambrosia, the food of the Greek gods, adds to a fairy-tale, magical and happy Christmas spirit.

Treat yourself and your loved ones with our unique and delicate herbal blends with fruits. Celebrate this holiday season in Greek mythical style.



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