Cooking herbs collection

A 4-pack gift set ideal for food lovers: 1. Oregano, 2. Thyme, 3. Rrosemary, 4. Sage

Herbs were widely used in Greek cooking since ancient times. Culinary herbs are still a key element in Greek cuisine, one of the most popular and healthy cuisines of the world, based on freshness and simplicity.

Add top-quality ORGANIC ISLANDS herbs to Greek dishes and make them delicious and healthy. Either separately or in combination, are a great addition to salads, dressings, poultry, fish and meat.

Sourced from organic cultivation, hand processed and packed in food grade metal cubes to maintain longer flavor freshness and exquisite taste profiles. The 4 cubes are packed beautifully in an earthy, eco-friendly, kraft packaging.

Buy it for yourself or give it as a present to those you love and care about.



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